On the western shore of Lake Michigan -- in a city that is known for it's breweries, world-famous festivals, and culturally diverse recreation -- lays Milwaukee, WI.
Whether you spend your days working in the bustling downtown, or enjoying the family-friendly attractions throughout the city, at the end of the day we all have a place to call, "Home." Let us help you create a unique city oasis that fits your lifestyle and taste.
Contemporary designs on a budget, or grand styles with a touch of sophistication? We have them all! And we cannot wait to see you soon.


Whether you're a person that enjoys a nice firm mattress to one that sinks you right in or a little bit of both, we've got it!
Sometimes having a firm mattress is just what you need to keep yourself from tossing and turning or its easier for your daily life when waking up and rolling out of bed. Maybe you'd rather be eaten in your sleep and enjoy the comfort of the mattresses hug throughout a restful night of sleep.
There's good to whatever you choose and we won't blame you, we love any and all of our mattresses because they each have their own unique qualities.


There are many sides to reclining furniture for example, comfort, color, style, benefits, convinence, and so much more. There are some pros and some cons, some people may love reclining furniture, others may hate it but one thing we know is that we love it. let us tell you why.

Reclining furniture gives you the ability to kick up your feet and relax after a long day and you can even get recliners that fit just right. Some even have health benefits such as heart improvements and reduction of neck and back pain. They can also be really convenient depending on what kind it is. Some have easy access USB ports to charge your phone so you don't have to go through the struggle of finding an outlet near. They could also have hidden storage spaces and/or cup holders!

Not to mention the variety of styles and brands there are to choose from. 


Design With Color

Color is a very important aspect to keep in mind when putting your home together. Something that goes hand in hand with color is style, as you can see when deciding what colors to use in your home is important.

Color isn't just cold, its what makes your house a home and its what makes your home you! The look and style of your home is a representation of yourself and how you live your life. Color decides a lot and its something to be thought about long and hard, or maybe not. Maybe you want to go crazy and choose a color in a heartbeat because thats your style. Whatever it is designing your home with color is key.



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